2022 Membership

Brookline Together is a new organization comprised of the former Brookline Chamber of Commerce and South Pittsburgh Development Corp.  To learn more, please visit: https://www.brooklinetogether.org. Our goals include: promoting local businesses, supporting the community, and acting as a liaison to the city of Pittsburgh regarding public works and legislation. In order to accomplish the many goals the residents and business owners of Brookline have outlined for us, we need the support of our community.


Your support helps us achieve the changes you want to see in the neighborhood and allows us to continue long standing traditions like Christmas lighting, the Halloween parade, and the Brookline Newsletter.


Please take a moment to join/renew your membership in Brookline Together (Brookline Chamber of Commerce & SPDC).  If you are not currently a member, I invite you to join us in promoting your business and the community as a whole.  

Business/Professional Membership

  • $75.00/year dues

  • Voting Rights

  • Support with URA and loan funding – opening business, façade improvements, etc.

  • Opportunities for free one on one consulting 

  • Landlord dispute mediation 

  • Support with city ordinances – zoning, building permits, signage, etc.

  • Business promotion on our website, social media and in-print

Have an idea on how we can better support your business; let us know!

Resident Membership

  • $25.00/year dues

  • Voting Rights

  Yearly members can submit membership registration and payment either online using the form below or via US Mail.  


If you choose to mail in your application, please print out the

community application here and the business application here.

If submitting application via mail, please also include a check, payable to:

Brookline Together

Membership Chair

PO Box 9606

Pittsburgh, PA 15226

2022 Resident Membership


Want to join a committee?

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2022 Business Membership


Want to join a committee?

Thanks for becoming a

Brookline Together Member!