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Beautification Committee, Lisa Wilson

Lisa Wilson has resided in Brookline for 18 years with her husband and four children.  Lisa has been very involved with volunteer and community events since moving to the area. Her motto is “You can’t complain if you’re not willing to roll up your sleeves and help out in the community.” She has been doing the doggie pot bags now on the Blvd. and organizing the community yard sale for close to 10 years. Lisa is also in charge of organizing volunteers to empty the cigarette receptacles, hang the holiday wreaths, and clean up and plant in the flower beds on Brookline Blvd.

If you have any questions for Lisa regarding any Beautification issues or concerns, go ahead and shoot her a message below.

The Beautification Committee is responsible for the care and development of the green spaces located in the business district and the community, as a whole.

Other specific job responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating at least two cleanup days per year.

  • Working with local government to address landscape maintenance issues.

  • Developing goals to beautify the neighborhood and creating concrete timelines and objectives to achieve those goals.

  • Maintaining doggie-pot bags.

  • Develop a year-end summary of activities and objectives for the current year.

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