Beautification Committee, Tony Griffith

The Beautification Committee is responsible for the care and development of the green spaces located in the business district and the community, as a whole.

Other specific job responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating at least two cleanup days per year.

  • Working with local government to address landscape maintenance issues.

  • Developing goals to beautify the neighborhood and creating concrete timelines and objectives to achieve those goals.

  • Maintaining doggie-pot bags.

  • Develop a year-end summary of activities and objectives for the current year.

Tony has been in and out of Brookline, since childhood. His father's side of the family grew up on Woodbourne and then Norwich as children, which attracted him to the neighborhood in 2013 when he bought his first home.

Tony graduated in Mt. Lebanon in 2001, followed by Westminster College in 2006 and the University of Pittsburgh's Graduate School of Policy and International Affairs in 2017 with a MPA in Urban and Regional Planning.

Since 2008, Tony has worked at the Allegheny County Sheriff's Office now in the position of Communications Director.  In his spare time, Tony can be found playing softball, walking his dog Kennedy and DJing weddings on the weekend.

If you have any questions for Tony regarding any Beautification issues or concerns, go ahead and shoot him a message below.

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