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President, Caitlin McNulty



I have a proven track record as a successful for-profit owner of two companies and a non-profit business owner at Brookline Teen Outreach.  With that comes knowledge and first-hand experience of all aspects of starting and building a successful non-profit organization.  In addition, I have 10+ years of experience managing diverse teams of people to create cohesive, collaborative and goal driven work environments. My skills have been demonstrated as a board member and then Vice President of BCC, as an SPDC board member, as the Board in Transition President, and through my role as founder and executive director of Brookline Teen Outreach. My ties to Brookline are extensive as I have volunteered and worked in the community in various capacities for nearly 20 years and married a 3rd generation Brookliner.  Throughout all of my roles in the community I do my best to act as a champion for the success of Brookline and the people living and working in the neighborhood.


  • To develop a strong structural system that will support the goals of the organization and ultimately lead to its long-term success and create systems that better supports business owners to make strategic decisions regarding growth, retention, and improvements

  • To establish Brookline Together as an influential and dynamic organization that will invigorate the Brookline neighborhood and create an organization in which all individuals that work and live in in the community have an opportunity to shape the neighborhood for the better

  • To work with the board, businesses and community to establish key goals and objectives and set a timeline of achievable goals to track progress and keep the organization accountable.

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