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Melissa Kilmer

The purpose of the Membership Committee is to provide coordination and awareness of member needs. This is done through an annual member survey, dissemination and compilation of evaluation forms from each education program. The Membership Committee is also charged with new member recruitment and members retention. The Membership Committee welcomes all new members to the committee, either personally or through a welcome packet, and coordinates the annual new member event. The Membership Committee is responsible for building and maintaining the organization's membership. The committee will coordinate the organization's membership campaign to fulfill the organization's goal of new members for the upcoming year.

Other specific job responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining a line of communication for the community to the board.

  • Developing marketing and promotion strategies that articulates the primary audiences for the organization, how best to reach them, and what they most care about.

  • Monitoring the presentation of the organization's brand, and ensures that the services and programs of the organization remain relevant.

  • Develop a year-end summary of activities and objectives for the current year.

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